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Slots, also known as slot machines, have been popular for over a century. The early machines were purely mechanical ones, then came the electronical ones, and today many slot players play in online casinos.

The early slot machines had tree spinning reels and a handful of symbols. Nowadays, there are very advanced video slots available with a multitude of reels, symbols, special symbols and extravagant features. Some have even skipped the reels altoghter! Still, if you have a hankering for old fashion simplicity, old-style retro slots are available as well.


gonzos questsMany modern slot machines will allow you to decide how many of the betlines you wish to bet on. So, even if you are playing on a slot with 20 betlines, you might chose to bet on only one betline.

Early slot machines had very few betlines, e.g. three betlines horistontally over the reals + two diagonal ones. Modern video slots tend to have much more complicated betlines that form various patterns over the reels, but don’t worry, the machine will always sense if you have a winning combination on an active betline and give you your payment even if you didn’t see the winning combo.

Special symbols

Modern slots tend to come with special symbols, such as wild symbols, bonus symbols and scatter symbols.

Here are a few examples:

  • Wild symbols function like a Joker in a game of cards. A wild symbol can normally replace any ordinary symbol. On some slots, the wild symbol is powerful enough to also replace certain special symbols, such as the scatter symbol.
  • If there is a bonus game available, getting the right amount of bonus symbols lined up can be requried to trigger it.
  • Scatter symbols can pay you money even if they don’t line up neatly on an active payline. On many slots, the scatter symbols have an additional job to do, such as handing out free spins.
  • A sticky wild is a wild symbol that will remain in its place throughout at least two rounds.
  • An expanding wild is a wild symbol that expands to cover more than one position on the reels.

Return to player

mega moolahWhen you chose between different slot machines, it can be a good idea to check the RTP: Return To Player. This number will tell you how much of all the money that comes in that is used to create wins.

Example: This slot machine has an RTP of 96%. This means that of all the money that is wagered, 96% goes to winnings. The remaining 4% goes to the online casino, to the software developer, etc.

A majority of the slots found online have an RTP within the span 95% – 97%.

Please note that the RTP doesn’t tell you how you will fare during a single playing seassion. Just because this machine has an RTP of 98% you should not expect to get 98% of your wagered money paid back to you.

Progressive jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that grows gradually instead of consisting of a fixed amount of money. Many slot machines have progressive jackpots, but progressive jackpots are not unique to the slot world – pretty much any type of game can have a progressive jackpot attached.

To make the jacpot grow quicker, it is common to create a network of slots that all pay into the same progressive jackpot. Online, slot players in a multitude of different casinos can all feed the same progressive pot.

Here are a few examples of enormous progressiv slot jackpots that have been paid out to players in online casinos:

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RankJackpot nameWin time, winner and casinoJackpot size
1Mega Fortune Mega20 January 2013, 14:29 UTC

Anon at Paf Casino

2Mega Moolah Mega6 October 2015, 23:11 UTC

Jon Heywood at Betway

3Mega Fortune Mega23 September 2011, 23:29 UTC

Anon at Betsson Casino

4Mega Moolah Mega5 November 2016, 19:55 UTC

Marcus Goodwin at Yako

5Mega Moolah Mega28 August 2016, 20:40 UTC

D.P. at Zodiac Casino

6Mega Moolah Mega8 April 2016, 12:25 UTC

Anon at Spin Palace Casino

7Mega Moolah Mega17 June 2016, 13:55 UTC

Rawiri Pou at Casinoland

8Arabian Nights in Paf Casino23 November 2012, 15:44 UTC

Anon at Paf Casino

9Mega Fortune Mega28 November 2015, 00:44 UTC Alexander at Folkeautomaten€8,577,104
10Mega Moolah Mega14 March 2017, 23:55 UTC

C.F. at Zodiac Casino


All the jackpots in this table were fed by players in multiple online casinos, except for #8 which was fed by players in Paf Casino only.