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RabCat is a small game studio with a small portfolio, but seeking out one of the online casinos that offer RabCat games is definitely worth it since these slots are so fun and different. We don’t know of any online casino with only RabCat games, so you need to visit one of the casinos that bring in games from many different developers. A good starting point is casinos who utilize the Microgaming Quickfire platform.

RabCat has worked on large and well-known video games for PC and PS4, such as OverWatch, and they definitely bring that creativity and interactivity with them into the world of online casino gambling.

In addition to slots, RabCat’s online casino portfolio also contains table games and video poker games.

Slots from RabCat

RabCat’s slots portfolio isn’t huge, but it is jammed packed with excellent slots, especially for players who appreciate complex features and detailed graphics. None of the RabCat games that we have played felt like a rapidly thrown together “portfolio filler”. Quality over quantity is definitely the way of RabCat.

Here are a few examples of RabCat slots:

Castle Builder

Castle Builder

This is one of the most famous slots from RabCat, and it has even spawned a sequel; Castle Builder II.

In Castle Builder, your job is to build increasingly luxurious castles for local royalty. You collect building materials as you play the slot game, and utilize it for your building projects. The more fabulous the castle, the better you get paid by members of the royal families who are looking to purchase new homes. Because of this, Castle Builder is a naturally progressing game instead of just a basic repetitive slot.

Castle Builder II

This slot is similar to its predecessor when it comes to gameplay, but with better graphics, smoother animations and a host of improved and expanded special features. There are three different characters to play, more kingdoms to explore and build castles in, adjustable game difficulties, adjustable RTP, and the exciting Freebuilding mode.

Robin of Sherwood

Robin of Sherwood is a 5-reel slot with Wilds, Free Spins mode, Royal Clearing feature, and a Gamble Game. Instead of traditional pay lines, it pays in 243 different ways. The RTP is 95.86%.

As you play, Royal symbols will transform into Wild symbols when they are trapped in one of the traps set by Robin and his merry men. During the Free Spins mode, the Royal symbols will be removed step by step from the reels during the faceoff with the Sheriff of Nottingham. This increases your chances of a really profitable round.

Robin of Sherwood

Moby Dick

Moby Dick is a slot game inspired by the story about Captain Ahab and his search for the great white whale Moby Dick. In the hands of RabCat, a slot has been created the player will be more interested in getting free spins from Moby Dick than killing him. The graphics are stunning and the animations take the gaming experience to a new level.

About RabCat

RabCat was founded in Vienna, Austria in 2001.

In addition to their work in the world of online casino gambling, they have also worked with video game developers for PC and PS4, such as Blizzard, Microsoft Game Studios, Rockstar Games, and Disney Interactive Studios.