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Online casino bonus

Almost all online casinos have bonus offers for their members. Before you accept any bonus, always check out the terms and conditions for that specific bonus, because this can vary greatly from one offer to the next.

Below, we will take a look at some common types of online casino bonuses.

Deposit bonus

casino bonusA deposit bonus is a bonus that you get when you make a deposit to your casino account. Deposit bonuses are usually given in proportion to the size of the deposit.

Example: The offer says 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of €300 bonus. You deposit €200 and get a €200 bonus, now you have €400 to play with.

Example: The offer says 50% deposit bonus up to a maximum of €300 bonus. You deposit €1,000 but doesn’t get a €500 bonus; since the bonus ceiling is €300 you only get a €300 bonus and have €1,300 to play with.

You can compare the deposit bonuses offered by different casinos here.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is a bonus that you get without having to make a deposit. Compared to the deposit bonuses, the no deposit bonuse tend to be quite small. There are for instance many online casinos that will give you a €5 or €10 no deposit bonus when you sign up with them, to give you some bonus money to play with before you make your first deposit.

Welcome bonus

Almost all casinos have one or more welcome bonuses to lure in new players. The most common type of welcome bonus is the deposit bonus, but no deposit welcome bonuses have become increasingly widespread in recent year.

Some casinos offer welcome bonus packages, e.g. a welcom no deposit bonus on sign up + welcome deposit bonuses on your first three deposits.

Chosing a casino just because they offer a huge welcome bonus is rarely a good idea, since other factors will have a much bigger long-term impact on your bankroll and your enjoyment of the casino. Some casinos does for instance offer huge welcome bonuses, but are not very good when it comes to rewarding existing members with bonus offers and other perks. Other casinos use amazing welcome bonus offers in an attempt to make gamblers ignore the fact that they have crappy software, a poor game selection, shady business practises, and so on.

If you take the time to find an overall great online casino, the welcome bonus will be the cherry on the top of the ice-cream and boost an already enjoyable gambling experience. If you get lured in by the siren song of a huge welcome bonus from a poorly managed casino, you will most likely regret it – especially if your deposited money gets locked in by crazily high wager requirements.

Mobile casino welcome bonus

Some online casinos have a separate welcome bonus for their mobile casino that you can be eligible for even if you have already accepted a welcome bonus for the main casino.

Reload bonus

In some online casinos, reload bonus is simply a synonym for deposit bonus.

In other casinos, the reload bonus is a special type of deposit bonus that you will be offered when your casino account is empty or nearly empty. It is a way for the casino to encourage you to reload (refill) your account with money again.

VIP bonus

Many online casinos have member clubs or similar where you can climb from one level to the next and get better and better perks and offers, including bonuses. The bonuses can be advertised under many different names, such as VIP bonus, high roller bonus, club bonus, loyalty bonus, etc.

Wager requirement

casino bonus onlineBefore you accept any bonus, always check the wager requirement.

Generally speaking, online casinos do not like to hand out bonus money that you can just withdraw from your account right away. They want you to play once you have accepted the bonus, and to achieve this, they attach a wager requirement to the bonus.

Example: 100% deposit bonus up to a maximum of €300. Wager requirement 40x.

Sometimes the fine print explaining the wager requirement is really difficult to dechifer and leaves a lot open to interpretation. Always make sure that you know the answer to the following questions before you accept any bonus.

  • Does the wager requirement apply to the bonus money only, or to may deposit + bonus money?
  • Will my casino account be completely frozen until I have fulfilled the wager requirement, or will I be allowed to make withdrawals as long as the balance doesn’t sink below a certain treshhold?
  • Does all wagers contribute equally to the wager requirement? It is common for online casinos to not count wagers on certain games (e.g. Black Jack and Video Poker) against the wager requirment or only count a certain percentage of each wager on such games (e.g. 10% of your wager on Video Poker and 5% of your wager on Black Jack).If your favorite games doesn’t count fully towards the wager requirement, you might be better of declining the bonus.
  • Is there a time limit for how quickly I must fulfill the wager requirement? What happens if I fail?
  • If my account being frozen is a problem for me, will the casino agree to remove the bonus amount from it upon request and un-freeze the account right away?

When winnings are bonus money

In many casinos, there are offers where you might think that you get real money but if you check the fine print it is actually bonus money with a wager requirement.


  • The casino is handing out 5 free spins to every member to promote a new slot. Any wins on these free spins are bonus money and will freeze your account until you have fulfilled the wager requirement.
  • The casino is offering you a no deposit bonus, where anything you win using the bonus money will be new bonus money with a wager requirement.
  • The casino is having a contest where you can win several thousand euros worth of bonus money – that comes with a wager requirement.